We can help with all aspects of I.T. from computer repair to full infrastructure buildout.

  • Networking- Network Consulting Services employs a holistic approach that helps you address the opportunities and challenges of your networking infrastructure. It provides you with full lifecycle services from strategy and assessment to design and deployment, and to ongoing monitoring and management.

  • Structured Cabling- Structured cabling is the design and installation of a cabling system that will support multiple hardware uses and be suitable for today's needs and those of the future. With a correctly installed system, current and future requirements can be met, and hardware that is added in the future will be supported. We test and certify to provide our customers with complete, comprehensive reports on every connection within their facilities.  With distribution and management of multimedia audio, data, and video, we make sure our customers are set up with high-quality cabling for all of their needs.

  • Servers Maintenance- In the regular server reports, several conflicts are followed by alerts and errors. Through monitoring these logs, bugs may be identified before consumers become aware of them, saving time and improving reliability. 

  • Server output is tracked in order to identify bottlenecks and diagnose hardware issues. 

  • Server success metrics, such as hard drive, memory, and network data, may be closely tracked. 

  • System, application, and security event logs are examined for notifications and alarms so that issues can be addressed before they become serious.


When flaws or vulnerabilities are found, Microsoft and other vendors release security patches on a daily basis. When updates are available, they are tested and installed. Each server receives the most recent security and performance updates. This not only improves protection and efficiency, but it also simplifies maintenance by providing a centralized platform for troubleshooting.

How important is your data? Will your company thrive if it lost all of its customer, inventory, and accounting data? What steps are you taking to safeguard it against malware, cyber corruption, and fire?


  • The backup plan is being tested and revised to ensure that it is realistic, reliable, and stable. 

  • Backup logs are checked on a regular basis to ensure that all data is correctly saved. 

  • System images are archived on a regular basis to aid in disaster recovery.


Virus and Malware Security Protection

Viruses are a constant threat when transmitted via E-mail or files from infected sources. While some viruses are simply inconvenient, even others erase or change files or otherwise make the computers inoperable. 

  • Virus definition changes are validated to ensure that the more recent viruses are defeated.

  • Virus classification changes on a regular basis ensure the most up-to-date security against all virus attacks.


Data Security

As community banks link to the Internet, they often fail to consider the security risks involved. Routine checks, ratings, and alerts protect your services from unauthorized access. 

  • Remote network inspections are conducted, offering a clear view of vulnerable areas that need special attention. 

  • Security logs from servers and firewalls are reviewed, and routine maintenance is performed to ensure protection.


Disk Storage Space

Monitoring disk use can help you avoid wasting space and duplicating data. Disk space difficulties are often signs of misuse or other issues. 

  • In comparison to the growth rate of storage data, hard drive capacity is tracked. Unusual or unexpected increases are flagged for urgent analysis. 

  • The size of in-house mail servers' mailboxes is checked, and users who have significant or unwanted messages and/or attachments are told.

Network Hub and Cable

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We can help with all aspects of I.T.

from computer repair

to full infrastructure buildout.