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We specialize on converting your home into a Smart Home,

from lights to blinds and shades to pool equipment and gate operators.

No job is too little or too big, you can do just one light or your whole entire home!


You can then set up automation to turn on your exterior lights from dusk to dawn. Run your pool motor for 6 hours.  Turn on you’re A/C when the temperature reaches a certain point. Alert you if there is a leak in one of your sinks.

What smart home can do?


A smart home enables homeowners to monitor appliances, thermostats, lighting, and other equipment remotely from a smartphone or tablet connected to the internet. Wireless or hardwired devices may be used to set up smart homes. Homeowners benefit from smart home technologies in terms of comfort and cost savings. Smart homes can offer comfort, fix challenges you face on a daily basis, and even save you money. If that appeals to you, it's a worthwhile bet. 

At Easy Tech our smart devices attach to your Wi-Fi network to make your home's networks operate together and efficiently. A well-planned smart home allows you to wirelessly pair smart home devices that provide comfort as well as protection. Smart technology apps can learn your everyday sleeping and waking habits, as well as whether you are typically at home or out. Then, based on the results, it changes the home automation systems by monitoring the thermostat and turning lights on and off, ensuring that you only use energy when necessary. Your smart home system can be remotely controlled using mobile applications, from Wi-Fi alerts and sensors on doors and windows to exterior maintenance and lighting. We'll help you find the right smart home gadgets, whether you want to improve your home security or save money on heating and cooling. If you've decided on everything about your smart home, depend on our experienced engineering experts to help with smart home installation.


Experience the benefits of smart home automation.


Home automation is not only revolutionary and impressive, but it also brings comfort to your life. You will get more peace of mind with the right smart home devices in place. Smart door locks and smart garage door openers make for a smooth return to your home and can also allow allowed visitors to enter while you are not present. You will come home to an illuminated house by outfitting your lights with smart light bulbs and tuning them to run on a timetable. They can even offer the feeling that someone is present when you are out, which deters unwelcome guests.

Furthermore, being able to change your thermostat and lighting using an app on your computer or tablet will help you achieve your healthy living goals by wasting less electricity. Children need a lot of effort, but getting a smart nursery makes it easier to keep an eye on your child after you've tucked them into bed. You can also change the temperature without entering the room. Any member of the family would enjoy all of the opportunities that an integrated smart home system provides.

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We specialize in turning your home

into a Smart Home in all its aspects.